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We can be contacted on our business email;

Email addresses of only those portal visitors are saved and registered in our database, which have subscribed to our newsletter, "Really Useful Sites for International Trade Professionals." Promotional messages are also sent on the registered E mails from the affiliates of

All the registered subscribers can opt out willingly from receiving any promotional messages and/or newsletter at any point of time.

All Emails registered with us are the part of proprietary information, and are not, under any circumstances, shared with any organization or part of the organization.

For all future purposes, if you do not want to receive Email(s) from us, the same can be corresponded at

We can provide access to the visitors on their information credentials, strictly on the basis of individual request forwarded to us in writing, through an Email. Thus, we can give access to viable information resource vis-?-vis, unique identifier information (e.g., customer number or password); communications that the consumer/visitor has directed to our website (e.g., Emails, customer inquiries) and the contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number) thereof. We also provide opportunity to the portal visitors to edit/correct any errors/Faux Pax in their contact information.

In addition, the consumers registered with us can request the access to their information, by emailing us at

Upon a formal request through an email, the consumers are given the facility to edit/correct any errors/Faux Pax in their contact information, therein.

We undertake foolproof security measures at our office facility to safeguard and protect the proprietary information against potential Loss/Misuse/Change/Breach in any form, and by any means.

On any slight inkling, wherein you feel that the portal has not been conducive to following the delineated information policy, or has deviated or breached the information policy, the same can be corresponded to us IMMEDIATELY on the address and phone number, hereunder: Disclaimer

Every piece of information listed on the portal, about our registered members and their products (including but not limited to company name, contact person and details, product description and specifications, photographs, videos, etc.) is provided by the members thereof. The correctness and authenticity of any of the information disclosed anywhere in the portal rests with the individual member, and the portal or any of the employees hold no responsibility whatsoever, and under any condition.

Furthermore, none of the, or its affiliates shall be held responsible in any manner with regard to accuracy, propriety, legality or truthfulness of any such information. On the same note, neither nor its affiliates would bear the responsibility for any wrongful actions or conducts of the members listed over the portal for carrying out their business activities, or else providing any misinformation on the portal therein.